Specialty Trailer Rentals in Vernon, BC Canada

Economical and convenient, our rental trailers are built for every task - whether you're hauling materials for a weekend "do-it-yourself" project, transporting a vehicle or just moving more than you have room for in your vehicle. Renting gives you the best of both worlds: the use of a specialty trailer when you need it, without the expense and hassle of ownership.

We strive to provide excellent Cargo Trailer Rental Services in the North Okanagan. Or, we also provide hauling services.

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Our trailers can be used for:

  Hauling gravel, sand, rocks, mulch,
       renovating materials, garbage, etc.

  Moving, picking up furniture, or
       hauling larger items.

  Moving cars, snowmobiles, quads,
       bobcats, vehicle salvage

  Transporting materials for special
       functions, family gatherings,
       fund raisers, community events,
       building projects, etc.

  And much more!

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